ASAC Contact - top

(08) 8955 5200
Alice Springs Airport:         Davis Drive, Alice Springs
Emkaytee  Airfield:   Bees Creek Road, Noonamah

Please feel free to contact any of the Staff or Committee Members via telephone or email.

Our Staff 

David Forsyth
  • Chief Pilot
  • Chief Flying Instructor
  • CASA Approved GFPT, PPL, CPL and NVFR Testing Officer
  • GA Flight Instructor (Grade 1)
  • Multi-Engine Training
  • Low Level Training
  • Formation Training
  • Night VFR Training
  • Aeroplane Flight Reviews
  • Multi-Engine IFR Charter Pilot
Roger Rodrigues
  • Multi-Engine IFR Charter Pilot




 YMKT Base Instructors:

  • Peter Cunningham  - Senior Instructor
  • Fenella Jefferson  - Grade 2