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(08) 8955 5200
Alice Springs Airport:         Davis Drive, Alice Springs
Emkaytee  Airfield:   Bees Creek Road, Noonamah

For travellers arriving in Alice Springs we have a clean and comfortable waiting room with coordinated travel by Centre Private Hire Cars (Phone 8952 3700) to whisk you in and out of town.

For students we have fully equipped classrooms and study areas for either quiet self-study or intensive one-on-one tuition. 

We offer online exam facilities up to Private IFR.

For recreational Pilots we offer our RAAUS (Recreational Aviation Australia) facility at Bond Springs Aerodrome. Located just 16 km north of town on the Stuart Highway, our Bond Springs location it is a purposefully built and fully equipped facility including accommodation. Here we operate a CTSW ultralight aircraft and train to the RAAUS  syllabus in the low pressure environment, outside of controlled airspace. 


Training in the Darwin area is conducted from the Club facilities at the Emkaytee ( YMKT)