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(08) 8955 5200
Alice Springs Airport:         Davis Drive, Alice Springs
Emkaytee  Airfield:   Bees Creek Road, Noonamah


Established in 1963, we are the only aero club and flight training centre in the Northern Territory. As a not-for-profit community based organisation our aims are simple; to promote and encourage all aspects of aviation, and to provide the best possible service and facilities for the community to enjoy.

We offer Recreational flight training and General flight training, including Private & Commercial Pilot Licence, NVFR Rating, CSU/Retract, Multi Engine Endorsement and Instrument Rating. If you’re unsure whether to conduct Recreational or General flight training we are happy to discuss with you which option would be best suited to your needs.

We have a range of aircraft (single and multi-engine) and a dedicated team of instructors, with a commitment to punctual service, who’ll make sure you get the most out of your flight training.

If you're a private pilot looking to private hire an aircraft, you’ll find it’s easy to book the aircraft you want.

We also provide a range of aircraft for charter flights and stunning scenic flights.