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(08) 8955 5200
Alice Springs Airport:         Davis Drive, Alice Springs
Emkaytee  Airfield:   Bees Creek Road, Noonamah

It all starts with a decision to contact the school to arrange a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF), or for those who already know what they want, the first lesson. When you chat with one of our friendly instructors, they will discuss your reasons for learning to fly and put together a training programme that suits your needs and finances. Flight training, whilst not cheap, is affordable for the average person if a sensible programme is adopted.

The initial general flight training lessons where you learn to control the aircraft, are all around 1 hour in length. One lesson per week or fortnight is a reasonable training frequency to be able to move steadily through the training syllabus. In conjuction with the practical flying, basic aeronautical knowledge theory subjects are covered. 

Once you have learnt to fly the aeroplane, you will move on to the Navigation phase. During this time you will venture to remote areas whilst learning how to navigate and read charts/maps. At the end of this training phase you will sit a flight test for the issue of a Private Pilot Licence (PPL). You will then be qualified to fly family and friends anywhere in Australia, sharing flying costs with others that fly with you.

Once you have achieved your PPL, you can further your training by completing a number of ratings and endorsements. These will allow you to fly aeroplanes with certain design features, such as aircraft with a retractable undercarriage, and multi-engine aircraft. You may choose to become proficient in Instrument Flying, Low Flying or Aerobatics.  

For those who want to work as a professional pilot, the Club offers training for the Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL). The Aero Club is in a unique position in that your training is conducted in remote areas that you could eventually work in as a charter pilot.

The Alice Springs Aero Club operates Alice Springs Air Charter, and has a close association with Marthakal Yolngu Airlines on Elcho Island. With these relationships, there is a potential for selected CPL graduates to gain In Command Under Supervision (ICUS) experience on actual charter flights. In addition to this opportunity, the other local charter companies look closely at our graduates as potential new pilots for their operations, so there are a few good reasons for you to train for your CPL with the Alice Springs Aero Club.